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DOC Kaas B.V.

Training and development

We stimulate our employees to develop themselves further within DOC Kaas and offer them the possibilities to do so. Every employee has a personal development interview once a year to discuss ambitions and possibilities for advancement. We facilitate training for employees so that they can enrich their knowledge. Within the terms of employment, an annual budget is available for each employee for relevant education and training of their choice.

We also have our own training institute where newcomers follow part-time education in addition to working part-time within our company. At DOC Kaas B.V., newcomers always have a chance of a permanent job.


Because DOC Kaas is part of the German dairy group the DMK Group, we have a wide range of career opportunities. Employees have the space to share their ideas and give input. Because we think listening to our employees is important, and it contributes to the continuous improvement of our company.