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DOC Kaas B.V.

Who we are

We are DOC Kaas

DOC Kaas B.V. is a Dutch cheese producer with a long and rich history which goes back to 1896. At our two production locations in Hoogeveen, we produce various cheeses for different customers. A wide range of excellent quality cheeses. Made by our more than 200 employees, whose knowledge and skills have elevated cheese production to a true craft.

About us

Our key points

Safety, quality and innovation are spearheads within our company. We produce top quality cheese that is consumed all over the world. The wishes of clients and consumers are leading in this respect. Our customers appreciate our cheese and who we are: an accessible, no-nonsense company where employees know each other and work closely together. Furthermore, at DOC Kaas we are always looking for new ways to make the production of cheese more efficient and sustainable.

About us

The DMK Group

Since 2016, DOC Kaas B.V. has been part of the DMK Group, one of the largest dairy groups in Germany. This group has approximately 7,800 employees at more than twenty locations in Germany, the Netherlands and Russia, among others. Every year, the DMK Group processes 6.6 billion kg of milk into dairy products of the highest quality. The product portfolio is broad: from cheese, daily fresh dairy and vegan products to baby food, ice cream and whey products.

As one of the largest suppliers to German supermarket chains and with a turnover of 5.6 billion euros, the DMK Group is one of the leading companies in the dairy industry in Europe.

Our 2 production sites


The two production locations of DOC Kaas B.V. are both located in Hoogeveen. On the Alteveerstraat, we have been producing dairy products since 1896. It is a historic building, but thanks to the modern production facilities it is also very contemporary! A little further along in Hoogeveen, at Zuivelpark, is our largest production site, which came into use in 2003. The company’s headquarters are also located here.