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DOC Kaas B.V.

Two production sites

DOC Kaas B.V.’s two production sites are both located in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. At the Alteveerstraat site we have been producing dairy products since 1896. It is a historical building, but due to its modern production facilities it is also very contemporary.


Our largest production site is located further up, at Zuivelpark [Dairy Park], and was put into use in 2003. The company’s head office is located here as well.

The Zuivelpark

A special aspect of Zuivelpark is that multiple business units of the DMK Group are established here and this location therefore houses various links in the cheese chain. The supply of milk, the production of cheese and the processing of whey at a single location ensures a sustainable and cost-efficient process.

At Zuivelpark, directly adjacent to the A37 motorway, we produce block cheese – naturally ripened, as well as foil-ripened (without rind). Immediately adjacent to this production site is wheyco’s whey factory, another subsidiary of the DMK Group. The whey expelled during the cheesemaking process is transported to this whey factory via a piping system, and is used to manufacture protein and lactose powder. Protein and lactose powder are key ingredients in sports, diet and seniors nutrition, for example, but also in baking products, chocolate and animal feed. Because the two production sites are ‘neighbours’, there is no need for carriers to transport the whey by truck, which contributes to a more sustainable production process.

Our production sites Our production sites

At Zuivelpark’s premises there are also two warehouses, one for natural cheese and one for foil cheese. This way multiple important links in the cheese chain are accommodated at a single location. Zuivelpark also houses the head office of DP Supply and of Uniekaas Holland B.V. These two companies are also part of the DMK Group.

Our production sites


The original DOC Kaas factory was put into use in 1896 and is located at Alteveerstraat, a street in Hoogeveen. The rich history of this impressive building is interwoven with technologically modern machines. New and old come together in impressive ways in this factory. At this site we produce the famous cheese wheels (round cheese) and here we also process the expelled whey (a byproduct) into whey concentrate and whey powder.

The factory at Alteveerstraat has a capacity of 34,000 tonnes cheese per year. We primarily produce naturally ripened cheese here. Because of the presence of multiple smaller milk tanks, it is possible to separate various types of milk flows, such as meadow milk and VLOG (non-GMO) milk. This makes the production site at Alteveerstraat suitable for more specialty cheeses. Alteveerstraat has three milk truck unloading stations.


At Alteveerstraat we evaporate and concentrate the whey ourselves. At a thirty percent concentration, the whey is far more compact, making it easier to transport this product from Alteveerstraat. This way we partly process the product for our sister company wheyco. The water extracted from the whey is partially recycled for use as process water, which contributes to a sustainable production process.