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DOC Kaas B.V.

Our family

Our Family

As a subsidiary of the German dairy group the DMK Group, we feel connected to the colleagues of all business units of this group; from the German Erfurt to the Russian Voronesch. But we have a special relationship with the business units that, like us, are located at the Zuivelpark in Hoogeveen.


Being located together at the Dairy Park not only leads to a sustainable production chain, efficient work and cost reduction, but also to more exchange, cooperation and job satisfaction.

Our family

DMK Group

The DMK Group is one of the largest dairy companies in Europe and is considered to be one of the most important partners for the retail sector, the processing industry and the food service sector.


Each year the company processes about 6.6 billion kilos milk to make dairy products of the highest quality. Not only for its own brands such as MILRAM, Oldenburger, Uniekaas, Alete and Humana, but also for private labels and products for business partners.


The DMK Group has approximately 7,200 employees at more than 20 locations in the Netherlands, Germany and other international branches. The group has a broad product portfolio: ranging from cheese and fresh dairy products to baby food, ice cream and whey products.


The DMK Group is one of the largest suppliers to German supermarket chains and has a turnover of 5.6 billion euros. This makes the DMK Group one of the leading companies in the European dairy industry.

Our family

Uniekaas Holland B.V.

Uniekaas Holland B.V. ripens, cuts, packs and sells cheese – in accordance with its own recipe – for its own brands Uniekaas and Alteveer, as well as for private labels. The cheeses are produced at DOC Kaas B.V.’s two production sites in Hoogeveen, in the Province of Drenthe in the Netherlands, using Dutch milk supplied by the dairy farmers of the DOC Kaas U.A. cooperative. Ripening, cutting and packaging the cheese takes place at the Kaatsheuvel branch. Knowledge, craftsmanship and passion for cheese characterise the more than 180 employees.


Uniekaas Holland B.V. owns the oldest cheese brand in the Netherlands, its own Uniekaas A brand. This quality brand stands for one hundred percent taste with its own character. In addition, premium recipes are available under the Alteveer brand, a quality label that offers a series of specialty cheeses. These cheeses are made at the DOC Kaas B.V. Alteveerstraat production site, which was put into use in 1896. A historical site that at the same time is very modern!

In addition, Uniekaas Holland B.V. also supplies cheese under private labels for the retail and food service sector, industrial customers and the export market.


Uniekaas Holland B.V. is a subsidiary of the DMK Group.

Our family


Wheyco processes the whey released during the production of cheese by DOC Kaas into food ingredients for various markets and products.

The whey is processed into whey protein concentrate (WPC), whey protein isolate, lactose and permeate. These ingredients are used by customers with a broad portfolio of finished products; ranging from baking goods and ice cream to sports supplements and dressings. This is possible because of the quality and versatility of this nutrient. Protein and lactose powder help create the food products’ aroma, taste, texture, crispiness, smoothness, juiciness and better food browning results. These products are also used in sports, baby, medical and seniors nutrition.

Our family

DP Supply   

DP Supply‘s core activity is the constant search for new ways to fulfil the ever-changing requirements of your needs. Our aim is to supply our customers with innovative ingredients that possess the right functionality.

We produce spray-dried emulsions that not only meet the standards of the food industry, but also highest quality standards. A skilled development team and state-of-the-art production equipment facilitate DP Supply to design and manufacture a variety of powdered ingredients for the bakery, savoury and beverage as well as ice cream and dessert segment.

DP Supply and DOC Kaas both have a laboratory at Zuivelpark. Professionals here are constantly looking for innovations and opportunities for improving existing products and processes.

Our family

Head of the family

Two dairy companies are at the head of our family; Deutsches Milchkontor eG and DOC Kaas U.A. These two cooperatives own the dairy company DMK GmbH. The member dairy farmers of Deutsches Milchkontor eG and DOC Kaas U.A. supply their milk to DMK, which uses it to make a wide range of delicious dairy products, such as cheese, baby food and ice cream, that are consumed throughout the world.