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DOC Kaas B.V.

Working with us

Why work with us

As the largest dairy cooperative in Germany, DMK employs several thousand people. DOC Kaas B.V., the largest Dutch subsidiary, employs about 260 people.


It is important to us that our employees feel good at work. The work environment should stimulate them and enable them to concentrate on what is important.


Working with us

Our production facilities are large, but we are small enough to retain a personal atmosphere. We cherish our culture of personal attention – for each other and for our customers. Our customers value the quality of our cheese and who we are: an accessible, no-nonsense enterprise where employees know each other and closely work together.

Knowledge, craftsmanship and continuous innovation is what characterises us. As a result, we are unsurpassed in knowing how to develop tasty recipes and make delicious cheese. We not only provide quality, we also take care of our employees and the environment.


Safety is a priority and is a common thread in our organisation. Safeguarding the safety of our employees is an integral part of our business processes. Working safely concerns all of us. This is why we promote awareness around this topic throughout the entire organisation.


Enhancing the sustainability of the production process is an area receiving continuous attention at DOC Kaas B.V. Sustainable energy, limiting the use of fossil fuels, reusing residual heat, wastewater treatment and waste separation are a normal part of our way of working. We are also always looking for areas for improvement in this respect.