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DOC Kaas B.V.

What we do

DOC Kaas B.V.’s two production sites make various kinds of cheese in different shapes. We produce two main types of cheese: naturally ripened cheese and foil cheese.

We make rectangular cheese as well as round cheese (wheels) for the naturally ripened version. After pickling (salting) the round cheese is placed on planks where it is allowed to ripen. By contrast, after pickling foil cheese is immediately packed in foil and cooled. This cheese generally is not further ripened. Within fat classes 20+ through to 48+, we make various types of cheese, ranging from young up to and including aged cheese. This includes Gouda cheese, Edammer, Swiss cheeses such as Emmentaler, Maasdammer, Cheddar and Parmesan-type cheeses. The recipe for each cheese type varies in terms of flavour profile, texture and application.

What kind of cheese do we make and for whom What kind of cheese do we make and for whom

This versatile production output is characteristic of our company, whereby we continue to innovate to make cheese of the desired quality at the best possible price. The portfolio is extensive and constantly changing.

Milk flows

The factories process different milk flows. Milk is first separated by origin (Netherlands or Germany), after which a distinction is made between meadow milk and VLOG milk (milk from cows exclusively fed GMO-free feed). We use the different types of milk flows to make specific types of cheese and are able to process these milk flows separately at our production sites. For example, Dutch meadow milk cheese is made from 100% Dutch meadow milk. Meadow milk means that cows are out on the meadow six hours per day for at least 120 days per year.

What kind of cheese do we make and for whom


Different byproducts are released during the production process, such as whey and cream. We process these byproducts into other products. For example, cream is used to make butter, although it is also used to make ice cream. The whey from both cheese factories is directly transported to the production site of our ‘neighbour’ wheyco at Zuivelpark. Here it is processed into protein and lactose powder for use in chocolate, baking products, sports supplements and dressings.

What kind of cheese do we make and for whom

Our customers


But who are our customers? We primarily produce cheese for professional customers, such as the hospitality sector and retailers. But we also make cheese for consumers. For example, we make cheese for the Uniekaas brand, the oldest cheese brand in the Netherlands.


Our product range also includes specialities and regional cheeses. In addition, we supply cheese as a semi-finished product to third parties that then process it into an end-product.


With the naturally ripened cheese we primarily target the Benelux market. The foil cheese is sold globally. In other words, our cheeses are consumed throughout the world. Grated, in slices or pieces. There is a good chance that you will have eaten pizza topped with our cheese!